2024/03/16 18:16

Dear Buyer,

Thank you for your interest in eBay. We already operate a store on eBay, but we are happy to announce that we will be opening a new store on eBay specializing in PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) products.

With this move, we will be migrating PSA-related merchandise from our existing store and expanding sales of PSA-specific merchandise on our new ebay store, which will allow us to carry a larger selection of higher-end PSA merchandise.
The new store is targeted to open in December.

We believe that PSAs are a valuable asset management product, not only to PSA enthusiasts, but also to those whose value fluctuates like a stock in the stock market. However, since they are unlikely to fluctuate as rapidly and wildly as stock market shares, we believe that, like other investment products, they are worth considering as an investment asset whose price can be predicted in the near future.

We currently offer our products to buyers residing in major countries around the world through our existing stores. but the new store will also expand our global reach to offer PSA products to buyers around the world.
We hope that not only PSA fans, but all those interested in PSA, will consider PSA as a valuable part of their investment portfolio.