2022/08/20 15:45

Dear buyers from overseas

Thank you for visiting our store.
We are pleased to inform you of our next PSA sales.
We are planning to sell the next psa appraised products around November when the psa appraised products arrive and around January next year.

If you have a request card that you would like PSA Japan to appraise, we will examine it carefully and submit it to you for appraisal.
The request card must be a card that can be purchased in Japan.
Also, we will accept cards with an Excellent rank and TCG card market value of up to US$500 or less.
We will search for cards that are near Mint or Near Mint and submit them to PSA Japan.

Currently, we do not accept orders for PSA appraisal application service on behalf of our clients, but we plan to accept orders for PSA appraisal application service from overseas in the future. If you are an interested buyer, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,