2022/04/16 15:34

For customers residing overseas

Thank you very much for visiting our store.
Our store ships not only to Japan but also to other countries.
Since we sell on eBay, please contact us by e-mail before purchasing if you are overseas.

(For buyers residing in North America)
Due to FDA regulations, Kotalahim 310 is considered a food product and is not sold individually.
However, if you wish to import more than 5 units of Kotalahim 310, we will file an import approval application with the U.S. FDA. As soon as the application is approved and the import permit is granted, we will process your departure from Japan.
Please note that it takes more than one month for the FDA to review the application for approval.

(For buyers in the EU)
Payment of VAT is the responsibility of the buyer. Please note that the seller is not obligated to pay VAT.
Currently, there are many cases of double taxation on goods shipped by Japan Post in EU member countries.
Customers who have already paid VAT should first present their IOSS number to customs officials to avoid double payment of VAT.

(Regarding customs duties)
Payment of customs duties is the responsibility of the buyer.

(How to purchase)
Only those with addresses in Japan are eligible to purchase on this site.
For international shipping, the product will be sold on eBay. If you wish to purchase, please contact us by e-mail in advance.

(About packing)
Please be assured that the product will be well guarded and waterproofed to withstand international shipping.

(Shipping carrier)
Economy will be delivered by Japan Post. It takes about one month to arrive.
Expedition is Fedex and usually takes 3-7 days to arrive.
For Fedex delivery, remote buyers will be charged an additional shipping fee of $27. Please check with us in advance if your shipping address is a remote Fedex location.

(Return Policy)
1. Kotalahim 310 is not returnable.
2. other products can be returned within 7 days at the buyer's expense; 3. please note that returns must be made in accordance with Japanese rules.
4. returns must be made to ZIPX. warehouse in the USA, UK, Hong Kong, France, Indonesia, or China. We will contact you shortly with a return address.

Shipping is not available to Africa, South America, Australia, the Middle East, and other areas currently under dispute, remote areas, or areas where postal or Fedex delivery is difficult.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Best regards,